Winter of the Soups

I’ve been making a lot of soups lately; well, what else am I supposed to do when my mom gets one bad cold after another? Plus, soup is tasty, easy, and forgiving. And can easily be expanded for dinner the next night.

My list so far:

potato-corn chowder (with ham)

lentil and rice (with ham)

Chicken herb soup with rice, oats, and kale (homemade broth from cornish game hen carcasses)

Gingered Parsnip soup (I’m allergic to carrots, you see, but the recipe sounded really good.)

Tomato and Oat Soup

Lemon Quinoa Soup

There are probably more that I’m forgetting…


The potato-corn chowder, lentil and rice, and chicken herb soup are recipes of my own devising (if you can call them recipes). The remaining three I followed cookbook recipes relatively closely.


A few things I’ve decided:

Kale is really good in soup. Prior to this, we’ve only ever had kale in my mom’s beef-barley stew, and it almost didn’t occur to me that I could put kale into other soups, until I was trying to decide what vegetable would go well in my chicken soup. I suggested kale, rather skeptically, and my mom enthusiastically agreed.

Steel cut oats is my new favorite grain to put in soup. It adds “an inviting sheen,” to quote one of my cookbooks, and is simply a wonderful texture. The oats cook up quite quickly, but will happily absorb as much liquid as they can.

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