Queer Reading

I have to put this here, because it sums up exactly my thoughts. This comes from an interview by Malinda Lo with Scott Tracey, posted on her blog.

The first thing to note is that when I wrote Witch Eyes, I did it because I wanted to read something where there was a gay character, and possibly a gay romance, but the book itself wasn’t just a “coming out” book, or a “dealing with homophobia” story.  There are definitely places for those stories, but I wanted to see and read something where the character’s sexuality wasn’t the biggest issue in the book.  Where it was separate from the plot.  I wanted something that I would have liked to read when I was a seventeen-year-old struggling to figure out who he was. Something that didn’t make a big deal about what it meant to be gay, or how hard it was going to be, just a book that said “okay, so just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you can’t go fight demons.”

So when I look for books with queer characters — which I have been doing — I don’t look for the coming out stories and books that deal directly with being queer. I look for books where there are queer characters and they do all the things that straight ones do.

Oh, the books about coming out and dealing with being queer are good, and I read those too, sometimes. But they’re not the type of book I read that often, even if they were something you could call corresponding in the straight world. What I really want are books just like all the other books I read, but with queer characters too.

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