American Girl Handkerchief Skirt


A few days ago inspiration struck and I made a skirt for my American Girl doll out of two old handkerchiefs. I sort of followed this tutorial on how to get the opening for the waist — except that when I tried the first handkerchief the opening came out way too big. Luckily I had three handkerchiefs, so I took down the size a bunch, and my second and third handkerchiefs came out perfect.

I layered them together with the points alternating and stitched together the opening, including a short-ish slit down the back that is now held together with a hook and eye clasp. I’m no seamstress. I can’t sew in a straight line, so sewing in a “straight line” around the circle (i.e. for the top to come out flat and even when the doll is wearing it) was a bit of a challenge, but it didn’t come out horribly uneven, so all is well.

Then I tie-dyed the skirt. (I was already dying a T-shirt for a birthday present for my brother, so I had the dye and soda ash solution all ready to go.) Some of my colors are off; it was meant to be a rainbow. The purple came out a weird sort of grey, and the green got eaten up by the blue. Nonetheless, I’m still really pleased with how it turned out.

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