Top Ten Tuesdays: Books I’d Want On A Deserted Island

Obviously, if I’m stuck on a deserted island with only 10 books for company, I’m going to want books that stand up to re-reading, books that are both simply enjoyable to read repeatedly, and that have substance worth digging into.

Lord of the Rings — if I can get a volume with all six books in one. LotR is dense reading material, and I could spend a long time reading and re-reading to really get into the details.

A dictionary, preferably one of those ones that is huge with tiny font that requires a magnifying glass to read. Think of all the vocabulary building I could do!

A deserted island survival guide, I don’t know which one. There are many out there, and picking one would involve actual research.

The seven Harry Potter books, because, well, who wouldn’t want Harry with them on a deserted island? And I happen to have seven slots left on my list.

And paper, reams and reams of it!


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