Top Ten Books I Read in 2012

I’ve picked out the ten books I read in 2012 that I will be most likely to return to reread. There are other books which I found very compelling when I read them, but will be unlikely to return to. In no particular order:

Libriomancer, by Jim C Hines, is a world in which magic consists of drawing items out of books.

Tuesdays at the Castle, by Jessica Day George, has just the right amount of whimsy to delight me, and lacks the simplistic childishness some such books can have.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post, by Emily Danforth, tells of the coming of age of a young lesbian girl in Montana.

Not A Swan (or A Little Love Song), by Michelle Magorian, is set in WWII England.

Flesh and Fire, by Laura Anne Gilman, contains the most different magic system I have ever come across, in a fascinating world.

Water Sky, by Jean Craighead George, is set in Alaska and deals with the conflict between native and “Western Civilization” ways.

The Running Dream, by Wendelin Van Draanen, tells of a girl who lost her leg in a car crash, but goes on to run anyway. It has the most perfect quote describing what it feels like to run. (I need to find that quote and copy it down.)

Roller Coaster, by Karin Kallmaker, is a lesbian romance in which one of the characters is an amazing chef.

A Song for Summer, by Eva Ibbotson, is also set during WWII, in Austria and England.

No list of mine could be quite complete without a Harry Potter book; I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows twice in 2012 and expect to read it still many more times.

You can read all about Top Ten Tuesdays here.

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