Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2013

Read all about Top Ten Tuesdays at the blog, The Broke and the Bookish.

Crown of Vengeance, Mercedes Lackey. Oh man! Reviews on Amazon seemed mixed, and many complained about the long elven names, but I thought the names were great. (As was everything else.)

A Natural History of Dragons, Marie Brennan. Fantasy? Maybe. Fiction? Yep, that. Non-fiction? Might seem like it. Travelogue? Of a sort. Memoir? That too. Mystery? Definitely. Romance? A little bit. Science writing? In a sense. This book has some of everything, plus dragons.

Quicksilver, R.J. Anderson. Asexual character, hurray! Very well portrayed.

What Can(t) Wait, Ashley Hope Pérez. A look into the very different (from my life) world of a Mexican-American family.

Pantomime, Laura Lam. The only book I’ve ever read with an intersex character.

Etiquette and Espionage, Gail Carriger. I’m not sure I’ve actually read a steampunk novel before, but this was pretty great. A spunky and lively protagonist.

The Running Dream, Wendelin Van Drannen. Disabilities and determination, plus some great quotes about running.

The Cadet of Tildor, Alex Lidell. Another take on the “female in a male-dominated warrior’s world.” This one definitely adds to the theme.

Roller Coaster, Karin Kallmaker. I’m not entirely sure why I like this particular one so much, but the professional chef and the teenage twins have a lot to do with it. All that delicious food.

The Edge of Nowhere, Elizabeth George.  Almost, but not quite a fantasy novel.


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