Top Ten Books On My Spring 2014 TBR List

I think I did pretty well on my Winter TBR list, though I didn’t manage everything. And here it is, time for another. The seasons just keep marching on by. So, my Spring TBR list, which should see me out through the end of the semester (and a bit beyond):

I just checked All Good Women, by Valerie Miner, out from the library. It’s World War II historical fiction. Hopefully I’ll read it before it’s due back.  . . .  I started it, and enjoyed it, but didn’t get very far before it was due back at the library. Eventually I’ll return to it.

I started Cat Sense, by John Bradshaw, over winter break, and then didn’t get very far before it was due back at the library. Now I’ve purchased my very own copy (it’s in the mail somewhere), and hope to read it soon.

I just read Champion of the Rose by Andrea K Höst, and would like to read more of her books. I’m not quite sure which one. However, none of my libraries have any of her books. So I’ll have to buy some Andrea K Höst books if I hope to read them. I read Bones of the Fair, the sequel to Champion of the Rose.

Honestly, I’m struggling with this list right now. I don’t have any very specific reading goals or desires lately. That is, I’ve been seeking out fantasy of the vaguely fairy tale-esque sort, in the realm between young adult and adult, featuring kings and princesses and the like, and getting tangled up about romance. I’m just not quite sure how to quantify this into a TBR list.

I could add one of my Harry Potter literary crit books to the list — I started one of them but didn’t get very far. I guess I’m going to read Melt by Robbi McCoy soon (I don’t think it’ll arrive in time to finish before Spring break is over, though, and school time isn’t usually the best time to get into lesbian romance. It messes with my head in weird ways.) (03/29 – didn’t mess with my head too much, and I loved the setting.) Point of Hopes by Melissa Scott is on my just bought and haven’t read yet pile, and I’ll probably read it soon, out of curiosity. (04/19/14)  I’ve been meaning to re-read Od Magic by Patricia McKillip for a while.  Anahita’s Woven Riddle by Meghan Nuttall Sayres sounds excellent, but again, the library doesn’t have it.

All this, though, is more in the way of a could be read list than a to be read list. Figuring out new and interesting books to read takes so much effort, sometimes. But none of my familiar books have been striking the right chord either. Sigh.

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Addendum: I just went through my reading lists (January 2012-today) highlighting all of the books with queer characters that I’ve read, and the result is really depressing, particularly recently. I really need to find and read more books with queer characters!

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