Off the Beaten Track

I am very fond of cooking down a ham bone into the most delicious broth ever, and then freezing it to make into soup later. The first three times I made ham broth, I  used such broth to make a ham lentil and rice soup, with completely different results each time. (Well, okay, the third time didn’t have any lentils; I’d forgotten that.)

This, the fourth time, however, I decided to do something a little bit different. I was trying to use ingredients I had on hand, and the soup evolved from there. Instead of rice, I decided to use up some cooked sorghum I had in the freezer. Good soup nearly always has onion and garlic, so I used those. The soup still needed something else, though, and I decided that kale would suit this soup well, since it’s such a strong vegetable.

All in all it was a very delicious soup; I think anything made with this broth would be delicious. The kale was an excellent choice of vegetable, and did in fact suit the soup well. However, the sorghum managed to still have a dry taste or texture. I’m not sure how it’s possible for something in a broth-based soup to be dry, but it was.

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