I just made crackers. And they are delicious. I used this recipe, from Two Peas and Their Pod, which is one of my favorite cooking blogs. The recipe is designed to make crackers that taste like Wheat Thins, and I have to say, it’s not far off.

This is actually the second time I’ve made these crackers. The first time I followed the recipe exactly (except for using whole wheat pastry flour instead of regular whole wheat flour, because that’s what I have), but made a half recipe since I wasn’t sure how it would work out or how many crackers it would make, there’s only one of me, and I was going out of town soon. The recipe was great, and the crackers didn’t go stale too fast (at least by my taste for stale).

This time I made the full recipe, but I used part kamut flour and also added about a tablespoon of (dried) minced onion. I would have used powdered onion if I’d had that, but I didn’t, so minced onion it was. I was a bit worried that the larger pieces would be a problem in the finished product, but it worked just fine. I could see some onion bits in the crackers, but not a bad thing. The light onion taste was perfect, too. The kamut flour wasn’t noticeable in the end result. I used it simply because I have it, and haven’t been using it yet. I’ve read that spelt flour can be substituted equally for regular white flour without a difference, and kamut is similar to spelt, so I figured I’d be safe there. One note: rolling out the dough as thin as you can is really important. I didn’t get one of my batches quite as thin as I could have, and it makes a noticeable difference in the crispy crunchiness of the crackers.

I now have the crackers in a jar on my desk at school, for snacks, and I intend to keep a jar of crackers there most of the time. The recipe is that good. I do intend to try making cheese crackers (like goldfish crackers or cheese-its) at some point too, but I’m pretty happy with this recipe alone.


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