Favorite Books of 2015

These are the best of the new (to me) books I read in each month of 2015.

January: Ordinary Magic (Caitlin Rubino-Bradway); City of Bones (Martha Wells) because it’s such an unusual world

February: The Goblin Emperor (Katherine Addison) because the culture is fascinating; Justice series (Radclyffe) because Jason and Jasmine are just that awesome, even if the relationships in the series got annoying

March: The Siren Depths (Martha Wells) because the Raksura are amazing and the main character, Moon, is wonderful (I read the first two books in 2014); Hard Magic (Laura Anne Gilman) because Bonnie is unabashedly bi(or pan)sexual and the premise of the books is pretty great

April: The rest of the Hard Magic quartet was pretty good, and The Pyramids of London (Andrea K Höst) was pretty good, but I didn’t actually read very many new-to-me books in April

May: Stories of the Raksura (Martha Wells) was excellent

June: The Voyage of the Basilisk (Marie Brennan) because of a hilarious gender and marriage discussion; Pure Magic (Rachel Neumeier) was intense; Prudence (Gail Carriger) was great fun

July: The Parasol Protectorate series (Gail Carriger) was also great fun; Taking Flight (Michaela DePrince); Ellie’s Chance to Dance (Alexandra Moss) because it’s cute, and about the Royal Ballet School; Unbound (Jim C. Hines); Jinx’s Fire (Sage Blackwood)

August: I don’t know, nothing stands out. A Discovery of Witches (Deborah Harkness) was good, but apparently not good enough that I continued with the series.

September: No Way Home (Carlos Acosta) showed me a very different life; Harry Potter’s Bookshelf (John Granger) was interesting.

October: Shadow on the Mountain (Margi Preus) is about a young main involved in the resistance in Norway during WWII

November: Written in Red (Anne Bishop) is set in a world where humans are not the dominant species/top predator, and I found it fascinating. I still haven’t decided if I like the world, or the non-human dominant species. The Berlin Boxing Club (Robert Sharenow) was set in WWII Berlin, and had a surprising amount of diversity.

December: A Seditious Affair (KJ Charles) was exactly the book I hoped it would be; FreakBoy (Kristin Elizabeth Clark) – I’ve never read a novel in poetry before;  Manners & Mutiny (Gail Carriger) was a satisfying end to the series; Rebel Mechanics (Shanna Swendson) was fun.


I actually struggled with reading a lot this Fall. I had trouble finding new books I was interested in, and didn’t entirely enjoy many of the new books I did read. Many of the new releases I’m interested in aren’t available at the library yet. I started watching Youtube videos a lot more, and listening to some podcasts, which has been great fun, but does distract from reading. So far I’m okay with that — I am still reading plenty.

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