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Valentine’s Day as a Newly Identified Aromantic

Last week it was Valentine’s Day, and I spent most of the day feeling very grumpy about it. This is a departure from tradition for me. In the past, I’ve either felt very indifferent to the day, or bought chocolates … Continue reading

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Reading Relationships as Romantic (or, trying not to)

I am trained to see any relationship as romantic. To read a book, watching growing emotional closeness between two characters and interpret it as a budding romance. How do I retrain my brain not to do this? How do I … Continue reading

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Aromanticism and My Identification Journey

I am on the verge of identifying as aromantic, and that is scarier than I think it ought to be. Before I figured asexuality out, I identified as bisexual. Figuring out that that was a thing I could be was … Continue reading

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