Carnival of Aces Round-Up: Symbols of Identity

This is the round-up post for the March 2019 Carnival of Aces on Symbols of Identity. If I’ve missed your post, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Polyallsorts wrote about three ways she uses the ace colours in her life.

Sara K. wrote about the delights of dying in ace colors using the same natural dye.

Demisexual and Proud wrote about wearing her black ring in many situations and the layers of symbolism therein.

Elizabeth of Prismatic Entanglements wrote about the conflicts between ace symbols of identity and how the rest of the world interprets them, and how she’s navigated that.

Patience wrote about how symbols of identity can connect one with a community.

I wrote a collection of my recent thoughts on symbols of identity.

luvtheheaven wrote about why she enjoys having such an extensive collection of pride buttons and jewelry.


Thanks to everyone who participated!

The Carnival of Aces for April is on the topic of “The Five Love Languages,” hosted by luvtheheaven. The call for submissions is here.

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12 Responses to Carnival of Aces Round-Up: Symbols of Identity

  1. luvtheheaven says:

    I tried to click on the link to Patience’s post and it is not what you meant to link, I’m pretty sure. That’s the only one I might not have read yet. I can’t remember if I did. When you fix it let me know. And like i said elsewhere, if you could fix the two times my username comes up in this to be all lowercase I’d appreciate it. It doesn’t matter that much but it looks wrong to me to see luvtheheaven with a capital “L”.

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    “Elizabeth of Prismatic Entanglements wrote a little bit about general pride wear and the black ring, but mostly about the ace flag colors in her wardrobe.”

    …I mean, yes, I talked about that. But… the most important part of my post was this:

    “So, if the ace pride colors had been determined when I was in high school, it would have been very frustrating to me because I would have been perceived as going along with the majority and expressing support for my high school’s sports teams. I would have felt like the ace pride flag was basically unusable as a pride symbol for me, because I wouldn’t have wanted to risk having classmates see my ace flag and then go get one themselves because they didn’t understand that it was a symbol of asexuality, not high school sports.”

    It was more a post about conflicts between ace symbols of identity and how the rest of the world interprets them, and how I’ve navigated that.

    Sorry, I’m just a bit frustrated that the point I was trying to make didn’t seem to come through.

    • I’ll confess I had trouble deciding which part of your post to focus on when I made up this list, and couldn’t figure out a good way to express this aspect of it. If you like, I can replace my text with your description here?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Sure, that sounds good. And yeah, it’s not totally on you for that, the post was pretty much a scattered stream-of-consciousness thing, and I could definitely have made the point more clearly! It probably should have had some edits before it went up, but I didn’t get around to it, heh.

    • luvtheheaven says:

      I felt that interesting point being made as i read your post. It was a little uncomfortable and weird to me that those colors would just be a high school’s colors but if course they might happen to be, and your post made a lot of sense to me when you discussed all that. I thought it was great you could look past that connection and still indulge in the ace colors though in your clothing etc. Just because I would hate for you to have negative associations like that when you see so many other aces using those colors for everything…

      I also felt a little weird reading my post summarized that I just wrote about my extensive collection of pride items. I was trying to talk about the “why” behind this all, even the title of my post conveys more than the sentence here in the roundup does (“trying to be less invisible”) and have more emotion to my post than what that line maybe implies lol.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I wish I could link to the school’s website to show you without putting too much of an identifying link out there about me, haha. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s still totally covered in ace colors. I hope it’s not causing problems for any currently enrolled ace students!

  4. demiandproud says:

    Thanks for hosting. It was a good topic!

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  6. polyallsorts says:

    Really enjoyed reading everybody’s posts.

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